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Sports Wagering University

Sports Wagering University

United States



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Sports Wagering University (SWU) was founded by Kyle Hunter and David Laferriere to help educate sports bettors. Students can learn by attending live classes or watching recorded classes. All teachers are handpicked based on their reputation, experience, and success. Every sports bettor needs to learn the processes employed by some of the best long-term professionals in the industry.

Why you should follow them: 

SWU's true dream is to help anyone interested learn how to bet on sports like a professional gambler. The sports betting industry continues to see rapid growth and new customers. But these customers are using their hard-earned money and competing against sportsbooks with hundreds or even thousands of employees.

The odds are stacked against each bettor so we want to form a community of trained sports bettors. We cannot make a promise you will become rich following our practice, but we certainly can help you win more and lose less. Click on the social links above to follow them on BettorEdge or Twitter to learn more!

"Getting the best number includes avoiding book fees whenever possible. BettorEdge’s cutting edge platform gives our students a rare zero juice opportunity with every single bet. This is the future of sports betting and an optimal way to bet once you are educated with SWU’s coursework." - David Laferriere

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