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Technology And The Sea - Fascination Marine Technology

Marine technology is not about ships and shipbuilding, but about the technology that is used to explore the oceans, protect them and use them sustainably.Please consider the harsh conditions the marine technology is exposed to in the sea. The sea is often a very inaccessible habitat with strong currents and aggressive salt water. The deeper you get, the higher the water pressure becomes, people and equipment have to be able to withstand this. Wind and waves make the work even more difficult, many jobs can only be done up to a certain wave height. Sometimes you also have to pay attention to the tides. And then there are remote and climatically demanding regions like the Arctic or the Antarctic.After all, we know surprisingly little about what lives in the sea. Researchers assume that there are a good 1 million higher organisms and 1 billion species of microbes. The sea is an almost inexhaustible source of natural substances. However, 95% of them are unexplored, in the deep sea even 99%. Marine tech is of great importance. In this podcast we'll have a closer look at it. Bärbel Fening is a German podcaster and a tv-journalist, who specializes in marine issues: This podcast is produced in cooperation with the German Association for Marine Technology:

Technology And The Sea - Fascination Marine Technology

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