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History of the Houston Texans

The Houston Texans are in the AFC South Division.

The Houston Texans are a professional football team based in Houston, Texas, and are a member of the National Football League (NFL). Here's a brief summary of their history:

Founding and Inaugural Season (2002): The Houston Texans were established in 2002 as the NFL's 32nd franchise. The team was formed after the previous Houston NFL franchise, the Houston Oilers, relocated to Tennessee and became the Tennessee Titans. The Texans played their inaugural season in 2002.

Early Years and Dom Capers Era (2002-2005): The Texans struggled in their early years but showed promise under head coach Dom Capers. Quarterback David Carr was one of the notable players during this period.

Gary Kubiak and Matt Schaub Era (2006-2013): The Texans experienced a period of improvement under head coach Gary Kubiak and quarterback Matt Schaub. They made their first playoff appearance in the 2011 season and won their first-ever playoff game. The team's defense, led by players like J.J. Watt, became a dominant force.

Bill O'Brien Era (2014-2020): Bill O'Brien took over as head coach and later became the team's general manager. The Texans won the AFC South division title multiple times during his tenure but faced challenges in the playoffs.

Deshaun Watson Era: Quarterback Deshaun Watson, drafted in 2017, became one of the NFL's rising stars. He had several impressive seasons, earning Pro Bowl selections.

Recent Years: The Texans were going through significant changes, including the departure of Deshaun Watson and a new coaching staff. The team was working on rebuilding its roster.

NRG Stadium: The Texans play their home games at NRG Stadium, known for its retractable roof and modern amenities.

The Houston Texans have been a relatively young franchise in the NFL and have had moments of success, including division championships and playoff appearances. They continue to strive for future success and a Super Bowl championship while representing the city of Houston in the NFL.

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