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Political Division Reenvisioned

Working in political reasearch and analytics it becomes apparent that the big news networks, our elected officials and even most independant sources don’t reallly represent most americans. Every day I have conversations with normal people who are more reasonable then you think. I want to bring you some of the highlights from those conversations as well as call out the common lies told by the representatives I must endure in the persuit of my career. Join me as I throw things at the wall to see what sticks, share in the frustration I feel and hopfully realize you’re not alone. I talk to folks just like you all the time who look at American politics and think ”what are they even talking about”. It’s my personal belief as a right leaning libertarian we may not all agree in America but were much more willing to compromise and hear other points of view than the big sources of media would have you believe. We all have personal biases, but I believe through good faith debate and sharing of ideas we can move clsoer to common goals and brighter futures for ourselves and our country. Guns, Abortion, news of the day, whatever might be interesting no topic is off limits or out or reach. Have questions, criticism or want to get involded with the show reach out at

Political Division Reenvisioned

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