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Thousands of sports fans enjoy BettorEdge! So do the press ...

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A Betting Marketplace Trusted by over 25,000 bettors! 

Users love the BettorEdge platform. Our numbers speak for themselves.

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We're legal across 45 states. 

45 States!

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BettorEdge for Good

Where Bets help Great Charities & Causes that Transform Lives!

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At BettorEdge, we're not just passionate about sports betting; we're also committed to making a positive impact in our community!

With each bet placed, you can contribute to meaningful initiatives that change lives. Be a part of our mission to bet with purpose and make a difference!

Put the Vig to Great Use!

BettorEdge supports one of the best trophies in college football, the Chair Trophy between Nebraska and Minnesota.

The Chair Trophy started with a social bet and has raised $100s of thousands for Team Jack Foundation and Team One Four Foundation.

Support the Chair Trophy!


Making an Impact

BettorEdge partnered with Chad Greenway's Lead the Way in Year 1 and the community donated $10,000 in saved fees to Lead The Way to support children's hospitals throughout the US.
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