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Responsible Gaming

BettorEdge believes in Responsible Gaming. When re-imagining a better experience, Responsible Gaming it's at the core of what we do. The following platform features and functionality, as well as, partnerships with great companies like  Birches Health show our commitment to providing a more responsible platform for the benefit of the consumer. 

1. We believe responsible gaming starts at the sign-up process. For us, we believe it's responsible to make sure your sign-up bonus is yours to leverage. No crazy rollovers, no strings attached, no fine print...that's responsible. 


2. No vig is a big advantage that helps you win more to have a sustainable experience. No longer do you have to win 52.4% to profit. 

3. Transparency benefits the consumer. Understanding the price history, the current bid-ask spread, and what your peers are doing all help you make better decisions.

4. Customized performance history & metrics data helps you become a better bettor and investor. Leverage the charts and graphs for more insights on how you're doing or dive deeper to find trends on where you do your best!

5. Education is a big part in becoming successful, join the classes of one our
 parters to learn about best practices to be sustainable! Their industry leading experts have been there, done that, and we're thankful they're paying it forward to help others!

6. User selection and choice isn't just take or leave it for the bettor, take control on the price you want by setting limit orders to responsibly get the right price that fits with your means and budget. 

7. With the ability to sell your positions back to market at market price to any takers, one can responsibly offload unneeded risk or lock in profits as outcomes change. 

8. Set your custom Player Limits.  Each user has the ability to set monthly, weekly, or daily deposit limits to make sure that you're playing within your means. Use the limits to cool off, take a break, or step away if needed.

9. ACH transfer is the most responsible way to ensure your funds are available before taking part in leisure activities. We support ACH transfers to help you be responsible with your funds.


10. We believe access to your money when you need it is important to helping you be responsible. Many bank's  withdrawals will hit your bank within seconds while smaller banks may hit your bank as quick as 12-24 hours. 

11. Players are prohibited from creating multiple accounts on BettorEdge in order to support responsible behavior.

12. All players must verify their name and identity via industry leading identification software to ensure they're of age for social betting. 


As a company, we don't accept bets, we just connect you to others allowing for us to focus on supporting the bettor and align our goals to helping you have a responsible experience opportunities to win! 

Additional Resources are Available to Support You: 

We strive to provide a fun social betting experience that benefits casual sports fans while protecting the well-being of our community and users. However, we recognize that some may have challenges where additional resources are needed to stay within your means. If one of the above resources doesn't help, we advise using one of the below resources as early as possible.

1. If in Minnesota, call 1-800-333-HOPE.

2. Call the National Hotline at 1-800-522-4700. 

3. Visit


Partnership with Birches Health

When platform features aren't enough, leverage best play tips and the Birches Health platform to learn more. 

Responsible Play Tips
Gaming is an enjoyable form of entertainment for the majority of people. When this activity is performed responsibly, individuals know their limits and are able to game sustainably and stop when they so choose. Players are empowered to actively build healthy habits by focusing on the behaviors below:
1. When engaging in gaming, make it a point to do so for fun.
2. Pick a spending cap for any activity and really stick to it.
3. Make sure you get how the game works before you dive in.
4. Always play with your own cash, not borrowed money.
5. Keep play balanced by engaging in a variety of other fun activities.
6. Try to play less when you've been drinking or aren't fully sober.
7. Don't try to win back what you've lost. Don’t chase losses.
8. Skip playing if you're feeling down or stressed out.
9. Pick a time limit for how long you play and make sure to follow it.
10. Learn about the signs and impacts of at-risk problem gambling behaviors.

Speak With a Responsible Gaming Specialist
Want to build healthy habits and learn more about Responsible Gaming? Birches Health provides digital resources and education, online assessments, and clinical treatment. Birches Health believes finances should never limit access to care so our virtual care is covered by insurance and 100% secure and confidential. Click here to access free resources, speak confidentially with a gaming specialist about healthy behavior, or receive a clinical assessment and personalized treatment plan within 24 hours.

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