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Supporting local charities is at the core of our platform, business and work. 


Our platform is built around helping you donate to amazing charities! Each time you have a bet position accepted, we show you the amount you saved in fees and give you the opportunity to donate to charity! The community has been a part in donating over $15,000 to charity, including Chad Greenway's Lead the Way Foundation to help Children's hospital throughout the midwest! 

We Love to Support our Community & Charities

We're always looking for new charities & events to partner with and support, shoot us an email at with charity name, event or details and we'd love to chat. 

How can you get your favorite charity involved? 


If you have an upcoming event, reach out to us as we're always willing to support great events. 

For example, In 2021, we supported Team Jack Foundation and Masonic Children's Hospital with the $5 Bits of Broken Chair Trophy. With a pick-em competition for the Minnesota-Nebraska game, BettorEdge donated $10 to charity for each entrant into the competition to total over $1,000 in donations! 

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