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As individual avid sports bettors we recognized a problem with prior solutions, where too much money was being lost in house-favored lines, deposit fees, withdrawal fees, and inability to withdraw funds when needed. It was clear technology allowed for an enhanced platform that put the bettor at the center of that experience.
In early 2019, the BettorEdge team beat stiff competition to win SportRadar's first US innovation challenge based on their vision of a fair betting platform that allowed users to form communities that aligned with their natural betting tendencies at a lower cost. Following the competition, BettorEdge joined SportRadar's accelerator program and formed a key partnership to obtain essential data that powered a seamless betting experience.
With initial launch of the platform, BettorEdge is excited to create the first seamless betting community powered by live data and centered on the bettor experience! We’ve continued to take bettor feedback and incorporate into the platform for future users!

About Us

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BettorEdge was recognized as SportRadar Innovation Challenge Champions

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Our Values

BettorEdge Trust
Betting Transparency
BettorEdge Community




An essential to any strong community, we’re thankful for you to be committed and a part of the BettorEdge community! We know you have other betting options, but we’re excited that you trust us to provide the most optimal sports betting experience.  We’ll continue to innovate our platform to ensure your experience is top of mind!

Transparency is crucial to our culture, we believe transparency creates the trust at the center of community. With a transparent platform, you can make more informed decisions. 
We are committed to providing the most transparent betting experience in the market.

We built this platform to provide bettors with an alternative to traditional sportsbooks that provide limited data and analysis to further assess your bets and make informed betting decisions.

Community is at the core of our existence, we want to provide you with the ability to connect & bet with your friends in a group setting or meet other like-minded sports fans! We’re excited you’re a part of bettering our community by using our platform. 

Our Team

Greg BettorEdge
Tyler Birschbach BettorEdge

James Seils

James is a software engineer  / architect with a fascination for all things sports.

"BettorEdge was the perfect opportunity for me to combine my two passions!"

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Greg Kajewski

Greg's prior experience in the enterprise tech space has allowed for him to wear many hats.

He's excited to bring his expertise to BettorEdge as we build a culture and community focused on the bettor. 

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Tyler Birschbach

Tyler is the Digital Media Manger for BettorEdge.

His background and depth of experience working with start-ups is an asset to helping the team scale.

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Louis Peacock TalkWalker BettorEdge

Louis Peacock

Louis is an advisor/investor in BettorEdge. 

He currently serves as CCO of Board and provides a depth of expertise in the startup space. 

Andrew Abbott Reddit BettorEdge

Andrew Abbott

Andrew is an advisor to BettorEdge. 

He currently serves as a Global Agency Lead at Reddit with previous experience leading Sports Brand Partnerships at Snap, Inc. 

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Jason Zucker BettorEdge

Jason Zucker

Jason Zucker is an investor in BettorEdge. 

Currently a professional hockey player for the Nashville Predators, he brings vast experience as a philanthropist with GIVE16 and business owner of Alltroo. 

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