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BettorEdge wins Blazer Award for bringing the largest impact to the ecosystem!

BettorEdge is recognized by Minne Inno as a Blazer Award Winner for bringing the largest impact to the ecosystem!

Women-centric sports betting site partners to expand its reach

Newly launched women’s betting community has already snagged a partnership, announcing that the sports betting marketplace BettorEdge will offer access to its betting picks and instructional content.

OddsBreaker's BettorEdge Review

Industry leading sharp sports betting blog, The Odds Breakers reviews BettorEdge. Check it out here to see why it scored an 8 out of 10!

BettorEdge Joins Since the Sandbox Podcast

James and Greg join Steven of Since the Sandbox to talk sports, BettorEdge, and the NBA Finals!

BettorEdge Voted Best Company to Invest in by Minne Inno

BettorEdge was awarded the best Minnesota Startup to invest in by Minne Inno

BettorEdge Shortlisted for Two SBC North America Awards for 2023

BettorEdge Shortlisted for "Socially Responsible Operator of the Year" and "Social Gaming Operator of the Year".

NHL player Jason Zucker, wife Carly Zucker launch Edina-based investment firm

BettorEdge is a part of newly launched venture from Jason Zucker, Sixteen Ventures.

Introducing Social & Community Betting in Illinois

Part of why we wish to highlight this site out of many on our platform is its rigorous commitment to charitable causes.

BettorEdge’s Greg Kajewski on Winning Awards & Growing His Business 7x

We do a quick check-in with Social Betting Marketplace BettorEdge, whose platform has seen impressive growth in the last year.

Creating the Future of Sports Betting

As social betting is a newer concept, we think of it as what a consumer is already doing, but in a purpose-built platform.

BettorEdge Partners with Give16 as the Preferred Hockey Charity, Adds Jason and Carly Zucker as investors in BettorEdge

BettorEdge Partners with Give16 as the Preferred Hockey Charity, Adds Jason and Carly Zucker as investors in BettorEdge.

BettorEdge sports betting platform wagers greater growth, anticipating $50M in activity this year

Minneapolis-based social sports-betting startup BettorEdge is seeing a surge of interest for its business, which lets user set up their own bets against each other.

Conduct Detrimental: The Intersection of Sports and Law

The founders of BettorEdge, Greg Kajewski (@gkajewski) and James Seils (@jaseils) join the show. Bettor Edge is a social betting platform that is peer-to-peer. The company won a rising stars award in the sports betting space. Greg and James talk about the start-up of Bettor Edge and where they see the future of peer-to-peer betting.

Social Betting Marketplace BettorEdge Wins Rising Star Award at SBC North America 2022

BettorEdge recognized for impressive growth, retention rates of 75% and charitable contributions.

Social Betting Marketplace BettorEdge Achieves 75% User Retention, Surpassing Industry Average Retention Rates

Minneapolis-based start-up attributes high retention to social experience, no-fee betting, and fair prices

Sportsbooks spend big money to get customers. But 'free-play money days' shifting to bettor loyalty.

Chris Bumbaca of USA Today looks at the upcoming trends of the sports betting industry as Sportsbooks look to move beyond current acquisition practices to focus on loyalty and retention.

BettorEdge has focused on optimizing the user experience driving an 80% user retention and over 30% referral rate.

Greg Kajewski speaks at Minne Inno's Startup to Watch Event!

Greg Kajewski sits down with Carter Jones of Minneapolis Business Journal's Minne Inno, Gavin Lee of Gwoop, and Morgan Kerfeld of Telo to discuss their entrepreneurial experiences for the startups to watch event!

Greg & James join Ryan Butler of Wagers Wonks Podcast

Host Ryan Butler welcomes BettorEdge co-founders James Seils and Greg Kajewski to discuss their social betting platform.

BettorEdge Shortlisted for Two SBC North America Awards

BettorEdge has been nominated for Rising Star of the Year & Marketing Campaign & Sponsorship of the Year by SBC Awards North America for 2022. This marks the platform’s first nomination by SBC, after just over a year in operation and immense growth of its user base.

BettorEdge Shortlisted for EGR North America Award

BettorEdge has been nominated for Social Gaming Operator of the Year by the EGR North America Awards 2022. This marks the platform’s first nomination by EGR, after just over a year in operation and immense growth of its user base.

BettorEdge Selects Quarter4 as Data Supplier

BettorEdge, an online no-fee sports betting exchange and social platform connecting sports fans, today announced it has partnered with Quarter4, an AI-driven predictive sports data and analytics provider, as its data supplier. The analytics provided will give BettorEdge users the best pre-bet analysis available on the market.

We Need to Be Doing That

Greg Kajewski and James Seils appeared on the We Need to Be Doing That podcast to discuss how BettorEdge works, how BettorEdge got started, and how you can take your no-vig fee and put that money to charity with BettorEdge.

Betting Startups Podcast

Greg & James introduce the no-fee social betting marketplace to The Betting Startups Podcast including:

How BettorEdge is fundamentally different from other betting products, and why they prefer to be compared to social fintech platforms like Venmo or Robinhood.

On Building a Betting Marketplace

BettorEdge sits down with StarterStory to talk about what it's like to build a betting marketplace.

Tech Firms Think Big on Sports Betting

Minneapolis-based BettorEdge, a social app that lets users bet against one another, launched in
2021, one week before the Chiefs-Buccaneers Super Bowl matchup.

Greg Kajewski of BettorEdge: 5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became A Founder

Join as Greg Kajewski talks entrepreneurship and being a founder.

BettorEdge Community Donates $10,000 to Chad Greenway's Lead the Way Foundation

All BettorEdge users have the opportunity to donate their saved fees to a great cause in Chad Greenway's Lead the Way Foundation. The donation helps children's hospitals throughout the midwest!

James Seils Joins Jeffrey Snyder of Broadcast Retirement Network

Jeffrey Snyder, of Broadcast Retirement Network, and James Seils sit down to discuss the future of sports betting and peer-to-peer exchanges.

Exploring Life & Business with Greg Kajewski of BettorEdge

Greg Kajewski sits down with Voyage Minnesota to talk about what it's like to start a business and overlap on lifestyle.

BettorEdge Releases Innovative New Game, Auction Squares!

Auction Squares is a fun and innovative twist on the fan favorite Super Bowl Squares. In Auction Squares, you determine the price you want to pay for each square. The auction continues until game time, but the fun doesn't stop as you buy or sell squares from others throughout the game!

BettorEdge makes "Minne Inno's 2021 Startups to Watch"

BettorEdge launched in October 2020 and offers a legal sports-betting platform in over 45 states. Instead of acting like a traditional sportsbook and setting its own odds, the site resembles a stock market, with bettors determining how much they’re willing to wager with each other. This past summer, the Minneapolis-based company surpassed $3.5 million in orders and brought on Andrew Abbott, global agency lead at Reddit, to serve on the company’s adviser team.

What Does the Future of Sports Betting Look Like in the U.S.?

7Investing lead advisor, Dan Kline sits down with BettorEdge founders, Greg and James, to ask the hard questions on where the future of sports betting is going. 

BettorEdge: How Two Minnesota Guys Had Sports Betting’s Newest Bright Idea First

Fusing social media and online sports betting may big a significant trend right now, but James Seils and Greg Kajewski had the big idea about two years before everyone else. They just came at it from another direction.

BettorEdge Announces Reddit's Andrew Abbott as New Company Advisor

Abbott will leverage expertise in growing social audiences for companies like Reddit and Snap to fast track BettorEdge’s burgeoning social betting marketplace

BettorEdge Surpasses $3.5 Million in Sports Betting Orders in Just Six Months, Since Inception

Stanley Cup and NBA Playoffs Create Recent Surge of Betting Across the Social Platform

BettorEdge – The Venmo of Sports Betting

Greg Kajewski and James Seils, co-founders of BettorEdge sit down with Manuel Martinez of US Betting Report

How to Use New Betting App BettorEdge

How to Use New Betting App BettorEdge
How to Use New Betting App BettorEdge

For many of us, it can be frustrating to find a way to place bets on sporting events. Thankfully BettorEdge is here to help you play the betting markets and cash on positions of all kinds across every sport.

Greg Kajewski & James Seils join The Knup Sports Show to Talk Sports Betting

BettorEdge Launches Legal Sports Betting Platform in the US

BettorEdge is democratizing sports betting in the United States

The Edge takes home the grand prize in Sportradar’s Innovation Challenge, hosted by the University of Minnesota

SportRadars Innovation Challenge, where entrepreneurs and students spent the day creating ideas and products with sports data.

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