What Does the Future of Sports Betting Look Like in the U.S.?

7Investing lead advisor, Dan Kline sits down with BettorEdge founders, Greg and James, to ask the hard questions on where the future of sports betting is going. 

BettorEdge: How Two Minnesota Guys Had Sports Betting’s Newest Bright Idea First

Fusing social media and online sports betting may big a significant trend right now, but James Seils and Greg Kajewski had the big idea about two years before everyone else. They just came at it from another direction.

BettorEdge Announces Reddit's Andrew Abbott as New Company Advisor

Abbott will leverage expertise in growing social audiences for companies like Reddit and Snap to fast track BettorEdge’s burgeoning social betting marketplace

BettorEdge Surpasses $3.5 Million in Sports Betting Orders in Just Six Months, Since Inception

Stanley Cup and NBA Playoffs Create Recent Surge of Betting Across the Social Platform

BettorEdge – The Venmo of Sports Betting

Greg Kajewski and James Seils, co-founders of BettorEdge sit down with Manuel Martinez of US Betting Report

Greg Kajewski & James Seils join The Knup Sports Show to Talk Sports Betting

BettorEdge Launches Legal Sports Betting Platform in the US

BettorEdge is democratizing sports betting in the United States

The Edge takes home the grand prize in Sportradar’s Innovation Challenge, hosted by the University of Minnesota

SportRadars Innovation Challenge, where entrepreneurs and students spent the day creating ideas and products with sports data.

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