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How does BettorEdge make money?

BettorEdge is a social platform allowing for them to make money through premium feature packages, advertising, and a small processing fee on qualified orders based on your premium tier.

Frequently Asked Questions

This seems too good to be true, is it legit? 

BettorEdge was founded by Midwesterners looking to create a better model for sports gaming. With backgrounds in risk, compliance, and accounting, they prioritize data & security to provide a better gaming experience.

What's the catch?

There's no catch, the founders were inspired by innovative business models of Venmo, Robinhood, WeBull, and many others and believe a similar model could be brought to Sports Gaming.

What is the Withdrawal Process?

Once in the platform, select the account that you have connected. Enter the amount that you wish to withdraw. Hit Submit and the transfer appears in your account within 24-48 hours. Some accounts may see it hit their bank within 10 seconds.

How is this legal in my state? I've heard online sports betting isn't legal in my state.

Many general conversations on sports betting legality refer to legacy platforms, like SportsBooks. BettorEdge is not a SportsBook. BettorEdge is a marketplace connecting users to buy and sell items, similar to eBay or Venmo. BettorEdge connects you directly with other users, further being differentiated by:

- Not taking bets against you
- Not  having a gain at your loss 
- Not setting the prices you take
- And much much more!

Can I really make money by referring others?

Yep! We believe in giving back to our community and paying our users and partners to refer their friends is a great way to give back.

Why don't you have an app in the app store?

We have a progressive web app (PWA). Steve Jobs predicted PWAs would be the way forward in the future. It allows for us to have a leaner tech stack and provide a great experience to you. Learn more about how to install the BettorEdge Social Betting Marketplace Progressive Web App.
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