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BettorEdge Releases Innovative New Game, Auction Squares!

Auction Squares is a fun and innovative twist on the fan favorite Super Bowl Squares. In Auction Squares, you determine the price you want to pay for each square. The auction continues until game time, but the fun doesn't stop as you buy or sell squares from others throughout the game! 

Published: January 5, 2022

Where Skill Meets Squares!

Super Bowl Squares - Where everyone throws in $5-$20 and gets assigned squares based on random chance. It’s a great pastime that’s a part of the $15B that is typically spent on the Super Bowl every year. For those that aren’t familiar, the assigned square correlates to an intersection of two numbers (0-9) for the home team and away team. If you have square 7, 1 (away team, home team) and the score is Away Team 7, Home Team 11 and the clock winds to :00 at the end of the quarter, you get paid out as the ending numbers of the score correlate to your square. When you get paid out at the end of the quarter, it’s like that moment in battleship that you hit big with C4.


The game is loved as each person can buy-in with a small amount, but has a chance for a big payout. One doesn’t have to root specifically for either team, but can just push for the team with the ball to score a field goal before the end of the quarter so that your square hits!

Have you ever played with your friends and gotten an absolutely terrible square? 


2,2  < That square has a probability of 0.1%*, or the same likelihood flipping a coin ten times and landing heads every time!!! What if you had the chance to set the price you want to pay for a square, similar to ebay or an auction? Now you can! BettorEdge has brought you Auction Squares, where skills meet squares. It’s a competition type that you can set up for your upcoming party (any game) and play with your friends to see who can auction the best until game time. The individuals that strategically bought the squares that land at the end of the quarter get paid out! 

The best part of BettorEdge’s Auction squares is that the fun doesn’t stop when the game starts. Everyone has that friend that’s determined their team will score before the end of the half. If you happen to disagree, but own the square that your friend wants, you can sell it to them for an agreed upon price and lock in the profit! Pretty cool, huh!

For those looking to get in on the fun of Auction Squares, sign-up at and go to Competitions to find a public Auction Squares competition or create your own. Auction Squares can be leveraged for many games throughout the year (NFL, NBA, NCAAF, etc.) and aren’t just limited to being leveraged for the Super Bowl. If you’re looking for the traditional Super Bowl Squares, we recommend downloading this template for you to play at home! Enjoy!


*Odds provided by for 2021 Super Bowl 55 between Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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