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Thousands of sports fans enjoy BettorEdge! So do the press ...

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A Betting Marketplace Trusted by over 25,000 bettors! 

Users love the BettorEdge platform. Our numbers speak for themselves.

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BettorEdge for Fantasy Friends

Elevate your fantasy friends' sports experience with BettorEdge!

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Experience exhilarating camaraderie with head-to-head or group bets among friends. Give an added level of excitement to your fantasy group with friendly competitions or bets on sports events. Show you know can win more than just this week's fantasy game!

Engage in Head to Head Bets

Engage in the friendly competitions among friends. Driving smack-talk and shared memories will keep you connected while enjoying a healthy sense of rivalry. From group chatting to leaderboards, taking on friends creates a vibrant atmosphere of camaraderie and fun.

Join in Friendly Competitions


Social Feeds to Track Your Fantasy Friends

Stay connected and amp up the excitement with a social feed displaying your friends' bets. Witness their sports predictions to join in, fade, or just celebrate shared victories. This dynamic features adds a new layer of interaction, making betting a shared experience that strengthens friendships and fuels friendly competition.
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