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1. Competition Opt-In Rules

1.1 By entering this competition, you agree that BettorEdge is able to share your contact information with the competition sponsor. The competition sponsor will have the ability to contact you with necessary means. All sponsors will have a suitable unsubscribe policy for removal.

1.2 Competition Payout for any free entry competition will be paid within BettorEdge, unless otherwise stated. Any user must successfully complete account verification in order receive winnings. Individuals must be of legal age within their state in order to receive funds. 

1.3 Competition Prizing - Where awarded prizes require a minimum age requirement (i.e. 18+ or 21+), you agree that you meet that age requirement to play and id verification may be required before accepting the prize.

1.4 Competition Tie-Breaker - Unless otherwise stated or easily divided, if a prize is aloted and a tie occurs, the tie breaker will be a randomizer from the tied individuals to determine the winner.   

Additional Terms can be found here and additional support or questions can be directed to

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