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1. Competition Tie Breaker Rules

1.1 Competition Payout for any free entry competition will be paid within BettorEdge, unless otherwise stated. Any user must successfully complete account verification in order receive winnings. Individuals must be of legal age within their state in order to receive funds. 

1.2 In the event of a tie, ties will be broken in the following manner:

- Tiebreaker Score across all picks

- Tiebreaker Score for correct picks only

- Tiebreaker Score for highest rated/standing team in the competition (repeated for next highest rated game until tie is broken) 

Understanding the Tiebreaker Score: Of your picks in the competition, the difference between the game’s final score and the spread will award you 1 point per point that the team beats the spread (or -1 point per point the team loses to the spread) (down to a half point) and be tallied as the tiebreaker score.The total of all game score differences to the spread will be summed accordingly and the user that has the highest tiebreaker score will win.

For example, if Air Force is favored by 9 points and wins by 12. Any individuals get 3 points awarded to their tiebreaker score. 

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