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BettorEdge Markets connect users together to be able to bet against each other with no fees.  Unlike traditional sports betting that put you up against the house, you have flexibility to set your desired price. 

Let's breakdown how the markets work.

Each event has its own Marketplace. Once a market for an event opens, there will be an opening line. After the market is open, it is all about the buying and selling of positions to move the line and odds. 

In order to buy a position, you must first place an order.  As soon as a BettorEdge user places an order, BettorEdge will match it up with current or future orders of the opposite outcome.

For example, if you choose the outcome in a Totals bet for the Over, BettorEdge would match that order with orders for Under. Depending on the amount you bet, this might take multiple opposite orders to fill completely. Until an order is fully fulfilled, its considered an Open Order. The filled portion of your order is called a bet position.   

When placing an order, there are two types if orders on BettorEdge Social Betting Marketplace:  Market and Limit. Market orders are placed at the current line and odds, which are based off the last fulfilled order.  

Creating a limit order is similar to a market order, except you can make adjustments. You can adjust the line, for example adjust a spread from -3 to -5, or you can adjust the odds .  Because Market orders are based off the last traded position, Limit orders are what moves the market.  

If someone creates a limit order at a different spread and another BettorEdge user fulfills that order, the current Market Order will adjust to the different point spread.

BettorEdge Social Marketplace

Social is the way you engage with your friends, followers, and the community. Leverage your feed to see what others think about upcoming games. Social makes it easy to put your money where your mouth is when you agree or disagree with other's viewpoint.


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Competitions bring the best of getting your social group or crew together to engage across many games. Make a public or private competition for a pick-em to see who can move up the leaderboard the fastest! 


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