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Join the BettorEdge 2023 NFL PickEm for your chance to prove your NFL expertise against some of the best bettors on BettorEdge.


Make 5 picks each week, move up the leaderboard, winner takes all. 

Join the 2023 NFL PickEm and make 5 picks against the spread each week of the NFL season. Check the leaderboard to see where you stack up against the other competitors. At the end of the season, the competitor with the most correct gets paid.

How It Works?

At $25 per entry, the payout will add up pretty quick. We have even thrown an extra $250 to the payout to make things a little more interesting. 

Most correct picks at the end of the season takes it all!


Where bettors compete against each other with for more fun!

BettorEdge works differently than traditional sports betting, instead of betting against a sportsbook or "The House", we match you up with other BettorEdge users.

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What is BettorEdge?

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