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NFL Super Bowl Pick-Em - February 11, 2024



Pick-Em involves players picking teams or player projections for the NFL Championship game.

Individuals must make 20 picks against the stats in the competition. Each correct pick is awarded one point.

To win, simply have the best record at the end of your contest to take home the prize! 

Entry Deadline

All picks must be made, or adjusted prior to scheduled start time. Once start time is selected, all selections are locked.


Total amount for payout is dependent on the number of entrants in the competition. 


Payout will be based on the following:

1st Place - 50% 

2nd Place - 30% 

3rd Place - 20%


In the contest, if two or more players end up with the same score/position, they will share the payout amount for the positions they tied for. For instance, if two players tie for first place, they will each receive half of the first place prize amount along with the second place prize amount. The prize will be divided equally among all tied players.


The competition has 400 tickets available. If demand surpasses 400 tickets, a separate competition will be created for players to compete. 

Athlete Participation

If a player plays 0 snaps in the game, the selection will be graded as a push or did not participate. 

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