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The Betting Network

The Betting Network



Education, Community, & Strategy

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Betting Network has a goal to bring quality information, strategies, and picks to the betting world while creating lasting relationships along the way.

With over 30 years experience in the sports betting industry, Lefty and team provide you with timely information any sports fan would want to get their hands on. Whether a first time bettor or avid bettor looking to sharpen their strategy, the depth in their community provides a ton of content for any sports fan.

Why you should follow them: 

Lefty's experience and approach to betting strategy and teaching others is unrivaled in the industry. With a wholesome approach to ensure everyone understands the why and not just the what (pick is hot), it speaks volumes to the impact he wants to pass down from generation to generation, or person to person. It's no wonder, many describe their journey to TBN as someone looking to learn, but soon realize friendships were created that leaves you with a feeling as if you're family...

Betting Network is a must follow for anyone looking to learn the strategies behind the industry.

"As a full-time sports trader, BettorEdge saves me tons of time by having information readily available in their social platform that I can take action on directly in the platform. Having the end-to-end process in one place is about as efficient as it gets!" - Lefty

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