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BettorEdge is the premier social betting marketplace. 

Win more when you bet with or against the community!

BettorEdge Sports Betting

Thousands of sports fans enjoy BettorEdge! So do the press ...

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A Betting Marketplace Trusted by over 25,000 bettors! 

Users love the BettorEdge platform. Our numbers speak for themselves.

Total value of market orders


We're legal across 45 states. 

45 States!

Total number of orders placed


See what our users are saying ...

BettorEdge social builds transparency directly into the platform. You're able to follow your friends, smack talk, bet the markets with them or against  them! 

If their opinions differ from yours, take them on in a head-to-head challenge!

Bring your friends in on the betting action

BettorEdge also has different forms of betting Competitions.

From pick’ems where you choose the outcome of multiple games to Auction Squares where you can choose numbers to predict the scoring throughout the game.

Keeping it competitive, introducing Competitions

BettorEdge Office Pools

Where bettors compete against each other with no vig.

BettorEdge works differently than traditional sports betting, instead of betting against a sportsbook or "The House", we match you up with other BettorEdge users.

BettorEdge NoVig Markets

The premier sports betting marketplace

How the Marketplace works?

It's simple ...

Pick an Event & Market

Market options for each event include Winner, Spread and Total. 

Events include: NFL, NCAAF, NBA, WNBA, NCAAM, MLB, UFC, PGA, MLS, LaLiga, Bundesliga, Horse Racing  and NHL.


BettorEdge Markets
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