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BettorEdge is your new platform for legal sports betting. 

We are a not a Sportsbook. Since BettorEdge does not set lines or take a portion of your bet proceeds we are not subject to the same regulations as typical betting sites. That means we are a legal alternative for you to use! See the map below to see our current offerings.

BettorEdge operates in the capacity noted in the following states:
 BettorEdge is growing quickly so check back if you don’t see "Real Money" in your state.

Not a Sportsbook, we offer so much more...

Eliminate the Juice

The juice is the FEE bookmakers charge to take your bet.  Each bet you make has a fee built in based on the odds that are set by the bookmaker.  The typical fee is around 3.5% to 5%

BettorEdge eliminates the juice and gives the 3.5% to 5% back to the bettors.  A line of -110 on other bookmakers will be equivalent to a -100 on BettorEdge.  Therefore a $100 bet will result in $3.50 to $5 back in your pocket!

Create A Fair Market

The odds of a predicted outcome have been determined by bookmakers for years.  Today's bettors have to adhere to the prices they are given regardless of the market's activity.

At BettorEdge, we believe the price of predicted outcomes should be determined by a fair market.  Similar to how stock prices are determined, buyers and sellers should determine the price of an outcome!

Note: While initial lines are started with third party data our company takes no part in the establishment of the betting lines.

Provide Proper Tools

Since bookmakers control the market, they are rewarded when bettors lose.  Therefore, they have no incentive to provide bettors with tools and insights when placing bets.

With BettorEdge, you set the market, therefore we are not rewarded based on the outcome of our users.  Our only incentive is to give our users the best experience possible so you continue to come back. We have created analytics, tools and other bettor friendly features to help you make informed decisions!

Our mission is to give the edge back to the bettor by democratizing sports betting.

We are a community of avid sports fans, bettors, and finance professionals that believe there must be a better way to bet on sports.

Imagine a world where you don't have to adhere to the old and outdated rules set by bookmakers; where outcome probabilities are determined by a free market.  Well, we are doing more than imagining that world!

We created that world and called it BettorEdge.  On BettorEdge, all markets are completely unbiased, without fees, and built with the bettor in mind.  

How Do BettorEdge Markets Work?

Pick an Event

Search and find a sporting event.  Current available sports are NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAM, MLB, and NHL.

Pick a Market

For each event, there are multiple BettorEdge markets.  The following are available for team-based events:


Winner - Pick a winner

Spread - Pick a winner with the margin of victory

Total - Set the total points for an event and pick over or under 

Create a Position

Position = Outcome Prediction X Stake

On BettorEdge, the order is your predicted outcome of a market.  The value of that order is the potential winnings if your prediction is true.


Determine the Order Price

Price = Odds = Implied Probability

On BettorEdge, the price of an order is equivalent to the odds (probability) of the predicted outcome.  The odds are set by bidders.  Once two bidders agree on the odds of an outcome, a trade occurs officially turning your order into a position.


Trade Occurs

Watch the outcome!

This is the best part, track your position while watching the game to see if you win!


BettorEdge Experience

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Markets are 100% set by BettorEdge participants. Positions are made completely free of fees giving the edge back to bettors.

Social Copy.webp


Connect with other sports fans based on location, teams, sports, etc. Create custom challenges and smack talk directly on the BettorEdge platform.

analytics copy.webp


Historical team, event and user analytics. Real-time market notifications. Premium AI and ML prediction tools. 
Competitions Copy.webp


Pick-Em and Wager-based competitions with multiple payout options. Track progress in real-times with live leaderboards and payouts.


Riley A 
Des Moines, IA

I didn't realize how much I was being charged by bookmakers, I'm saving over 4% with BettorEdge! 

Andrew K

Minneapolis, MN

Sharing picks with my friends and talking smack has brought all the fun of fantasy football to sports betting! 

Chris W

Madison, WI

BettorEdge has revolutionized sports betting! It's about time there was a fair betting experience!

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