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Arbitrage and Unlocking Profits in Sports Betting

Updated: Apr 29

When it comes to sports betting, one strategy stands out for its ability to lock in profits regardless of the outcome—a strategy known as arbitrage betting. Arbitrage betting exploits the differences in odds offered by bookmakers or betting exchanges to secure a gain presenting a win-win scenario for bettors. In order to further understand the strategy, one should be sure to ensure they’ve looked into any local legislation or state betting laws that limit their ability to explore the benefits of arbitrage betting. 

Understanding Arbitrage

First, let’s understand arbitrage; arbitrage is defined as: “The simultaneous buying and selling of securities, currency, or commodities in different markets or in derivative forms in order to take advantage of differing prices for the same asset”

Arbitrage even dates back to the 17th century with gold and bill exchange in London and Antwerp where individuals take advantage of market inefficiency across countries to capitalize on locking in profits in the exchange. 

Now that we know more about the history of arbitrage, let’s apply arbitrage to sports betting where multiple different sports books, betting exchanges and systems offer different prices for sports betting. With arbitrage, one can place bets at different prices on all possible outcomes at varying odds. By calculating the adjusting the wager amounts based on the odds, bettors have a high probability of profit no matter the outcome of the sporting event. The market inefficiency and price discrepancies creates an opportunity for players to generate risk-free gains with arbitrage. 

Arbitrage Betting Benefits

  1. Reduced Risk through Hedging/Offsetting Bets

    1. Now, done properly arbitrage betting locks in your profit regardless of how the final score turns out meaning your risk of losing money is far less than the money you could lose by simply betting on a traditional bet. This greatly reduces the risks involved in betting on sports in the first place.

  2. Sports Betting Gains over time

    1. And with the required skill and discipline, arbitrage betting can generate regular profits. It is a mathematical approach to betting rather than a reliance on a chance occurrence of an event, and this aspect is attractive to those looking for a strategic approach to sports betting.

  3. Mathematical Approach to Gaming

    1. Arbitrage betting lessens the dependency on deep sports knowledge. Additional skill is provided to focus on the numbers and odds, making it accessible to a wider audience than only dedicated sports fans. 

Arbitrage Betting Risks

  1. Risks in Execution

    1. The ability to lock in transactions across multiple platforms at the same time can be a difficult task to manage while ensuring the optimal amount is bet to increase profits. 

  2. Risks associated with Sportsbooks Limiting You or Removing Access

    1. We get it, sportsbooks may limit winning betters over long term. Therefore, one side you may rely on for arbitrage may be taken away from you in the future. Keep this in mind when executing any strategy and be sure to checkout BettorEdge, where limiting you isn’t typical behavior for a betting exchange. 

Tips and Strategies for Success in Arbitrage Betting

To excel at arbitrage betting, sports bettors should:

  • Utilize odds comparison websites, software tools, and premium features of BettorEdge to easily identify profitable opportunities.

  • Find the best price on platforms like BettorEdge to lock in the best profits. 

  • Leverage arbitrage calculators for precise calculations to determine the optimal amounts to bet on.

  • Manage multiple betting accounts across many platforms to capitalize on the best price with arbitrage opportunities.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

While arbitrage betting can be a great strategy, be sure to check out any legal restrictions in your jurisdiction for any state and local laws. Additionally, it’s extremely important to practice responsible gambling and adhering to fair play principles are essential.

Responsible Gaming Considerations

With any betting strategy, recognize the inherent need to be responsible and always play within your means. While arbitrage betting looks to lock in profits for higher gains, there’s still risks associated with getting the right price and managing multiple different platforms to ensure you have the optimal bets for most profit. 


Arbitrage betting offers a unique avenue to generate profits in the sports betting landscape. Through different odds, bettors can secure guaranteed gains while minimizing risks. Leverage arbitrage betting to lock in profits with more advanced betting strategies.

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