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What the 🤬 is the difference between a PickEm and Wager Competition? FAQ Friday

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

In addition to offering the premier social betting marketplace, the BettorEdge webapp offers additional ways to challenge friends and win a little extra $$$: competitions. Available on the Competitions tab, you can find a variety of competition types and payouts available across most sports offered in our platform. Competitions are a different form of social betting that allow you to showcase your skills with and against other bettors in the best community in sports betting. There are a few types of competition type for you to choose from, the most popular are PickEm and Wager competitions.

What is a PickEm Competition?

A PickEm Competition is the most straight forward - pick the outcomes of a variety of events, the more picks you get correct the higher you move up the leaderboard. For example, we host daily MLB PickEm competitions for $1. In these Baseball for a Buck Winner comps, you select the winner for a number of games each day. Get 10 out of 10 correct, you're probably in the money! PickEm competitions do not take odds into account.

What is a Wager Competition?

A Wager Competition is a PickEm that incorporates odds into the leaderboard. Each player begins with a balance of 1000 credits, and they wager these credits across positions and receive payouts based on the odds selected. Players get to choose how much is wager on each pick, as well as the number of picks they want to make. Strategies vary for Wager Competitions, you may risk your whole balance on 1 longshot (1000 credits wagered on a correct pick at +1000 odds will be tough to beat) or try to build your balance by spreading it across a wide variety of picks. Credits paid out for an earlier game (ie 1pm baseball game) can be used on picks for later games (7pm game). It's essentially competitive betting.

How do I create a Competition?

  1. Head to the Competitions tab

  2. Tap "Create Competition" button

  3. Choose competition Type

  4. Follow steps on screen (Fill out Competition Name, choose Public/Private, Invite Players, etc)

  5. Select events and pick types

  6. Set the number of picks (for PickEm only) and entry price.

  7. Send the invite link to friends or post on social media!

Check out our Help Center page on Competition creation for more details.

What are Private Competitions?

Private Competitions are invite-only competitions that do not appear on the Competitions tab for all users. You can create private comps to challenge group chats, coworkers, family members and more! All Public competitions can be viewed and joined by any BettorEdge user, but Private competitions require invites and/or codes to enter.

Are there more competition types?

Yes, we offer Auction Squares competitions during football season and have also recently introduced Bracket competitions. Auction Squares competitions are a spin on the classic squares game you may have played a party on gameday, except instead of buying a square at random you can bid on the exact scores you want. We are always open to trying out more competition types, so drop us a message if you have a competition you would love to see!

Can I use Player Markets in competitions?

Yes! When selecting your events, tap "Additional Markets" on an event to pull up available Player Markets that can be added to your competition.

Can I make a free competition?

Yes! If you're looking to create a free competition, be sure to change to Edge Coin mode before tapping "Create Competition". You will see that it asks for a Entry Price, you can set that to E1, E10, etc and users will use and receive Edge Coins.

What payout types are available?

This sounds like a great question for another edition of FAQ Friday, but we currently offer Battle Royale (1 winner), Podium (3 winners), Double Up (50% winners) and Outpace payout options. We will go into more detail in a future email, or you can check out our Help Center for more information on payout types.


If you have more questions about Competitions or any other feature on BettorEdge, check out our Help Center or reach out to us on social media!

Quick Wins
  • Join one of our daily MLB competitions for a chance at a little extra $$$! Visit the Competitions tab to see what comps are available right now.

  • Refer friends to BettorEdge and they can receive a bonus when they verify their account using your code. You get a bonus back when they deposit!


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