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What is a Social Betting Marketplace? 

As online betting becomes a booming business after the repeal of PAPSA in 2018. BettorEdge introduced the first of its kind online platform, a Social Betting Marketplace, that’s designed specifically for the way you actually bet with your friends. Let’s dive further into it to understand what exactly is a social betting marketplace, and how does it differ from traditional betting platforms? We’ll dive further into the concept of a social betting marketplace exploring the key benefits and features for the consumer and spotlight one of the leading social betting marketplaces, BettorEdge.

Understanding the Social Betting Marketplace

At the center of a social betting marketplace is a platform that connects bettors that want to place bets on sporting events. However, the actual experience is quite different from a conventional sportsbook where a sportsbook sets the line, odds or price as users bet against the house. In a social betting marketplace, or betting exchange, individuals bet against one another, creating a peer-to-peer betting experience that benefits the user greatly. Each user wins more on their bets while having a better user experience in the process!

Key Features of a Social Betting Marketplace

  1. Betting Marketplace or Exchange:  Set your own price against others in the community in the betting marketplace for your chance to win more on your sports bets!

  2. Head-to-Head Betting: If you have a friend or someone specific you want to bet, send them a head to head to go directly against them with a peer-to-peer bet. All head-to-head bets on BettorEdge have 0% fees making your winnings that much bigger!

  3. Social Tab:  Have deeper community interaction by following your friends or foes to copy or fade their bets. There’s a greater sense of community by allowing users to engage in discussions, share insights, and follow each other's betting activities.

  4. Transparency and Fairness: As a platform that cares about you winning, transparency and fairness are prioritized, as there's no company benefiting at your loss or controlling the odds. 

  5. Competitions:  Win even more as you can set parlay-like lineups to win bigger as you can enter competitions against many friends

Overview of BettorEdge's Social Betting Marketplace and key benefits
BettorEdge's Social Betting Marketplace helps you win more sports betting!

Insert BettorEdge: A Leader of the Social Betting Marketplace

BettorEdge originally coined the term Social Betting Marketplace because it fully encapsulated the revolutionary new experience that matched the way people engaged in betting. With a focus on community, transparency, and fairness, BettorEdge offers a user-friendly interface and a wide-range of betting opportunities across many sports including NFL Betting, WNBA Betting, NHL Betting, NBA Betting, MLB Betting, and many other sports. 

What’s so great about BettorEdge?

  1. Best Priced Sports Bet:  With no house betting against you, you stand to win more betting as you take on other users in BettorEdge’s social betting marketplace. 

  2. Community:  At the core of everything in a social betting marketplace, community is essential to providing a better experience. BettorEdge prioritizes community through the social tab, leaderboards, head-to-head bets, and many other features that enhance your betting experience.

  3. Fair and Transparent: With bets placed directly between users, there’s no house to take lofty fees. BettorEdge prioritizes transparency and fairness on the platform. Therefore, bettors have confidence when they place their next bet.

  4. Accessible and User-Friendly: With an easy-to-use interface and intuitive design, BettorEdge makes it easy for both novice and experienced bettors to navigate the platform and place bets quickly.

So what are you waiting for, social betting marketplaces are the future way to sports bet. Users can see a better return while having a more interactive experience that’s transparent, and user-friendly. Whether you're passionate about sports or just want to beat your friends, BettorEdge provides a platform where you can engage with like-minded individuals and enjoy a fair and thrilling betting experience.

Ready to join the social betting revolution? Jump on at and start winning more as you bet with confidence and camaraderie.

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