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Enjoy Euro 2024 & Copa America with the Community on BettorEdge!

Reach more sports fans with friendly bets and banter that keep you top of mind within the BettorEdge community and your community!

Take your banter and content to the next level with BettorEdge community!

BettorEdge is the future of Sports Betting.

A social betting marketplace where bettors compete against each other with no vig.


BettorEdge works differently than traditional sports betting, instead of betting against a sportsbook or "The House", we match you up with other BettorEdge users.

BettorEdge NoVig Markets

What is BettorEdge?

Let Your Community Track Your Profile to Copy/Fade Your Picks

With a Social tab curated for your followers, it's easier for people to see exactly what you're betting on and easily find your latest podcast.

You can even make extra money through tips if someone copy/fades you!

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Host weekly or monthly betting competitions on BettorEdge with no fees taken from you!

From pick’ems where you choose the outcome of multiple games to Auction Squares where you can choose numbers to predict the scoring throughout the game, your community is bound to have fun competing!

Get Competitive with your Community!

BettorEdge Office Pools

How to Get Started with BettorEdge? 

1. Click Below to find your podcast, click Claim and sign-up!
2. You'll get your referral code to start making money with your listeners!
3. Boost Engagement by sending Head-to-Head Bets!
4. Setup your own competitions to get competitive!
5. Claim Your Podcast so it's on your profile! 
6. Start Sending listeners to your profile to see your picks, listen to your podcast to start collecting referrals!

Hear What Others Have to Say About BettorEdge...

  • Talk sports

  • Are Competitive (amongst hosts or listeners)

  • Want to grow their listenership

  • Want to grow engagement by putting bets out to their community

  • Want to monetize their following/listeners

Perfect for Podcasts that:

  • Help you earn cash for people you send to BettorEdge (even listens can be tracked back to you)

  • Get you a referral code/link to share with listeners

  • Get more listens as your podcast ranks higher in PodQuest, BettorEdge's proprietary podcast recommendation engine. 

  • Have your followers get notifications when new podcasts come online

Claiming Your Podcast can:

  • Claiming your podcast on BettorEdge adds the podcast to your profile for people to see your bets, takes, and podcasts all in one place. Additionally, it gets you a referral code allowing you to make money on users sent to BettorEdge!

  • BettorEdge's social betting technology gives you exciting and new ways to engage with your audience

  • PodQuest, BettorEdge's proprietary podcast recommendation engine will suggest your podcast to interested parties based on their betting history!

Why Should I Claim my Podcast on BettorEdge?

Betting Podcast
  • Why should I leverage Social Betting with my Podcast?
    Social Betting allows for you to engage with your community through: Engagement Head-to-Head Bets Letting Your Audience Copy (or Fade) Your Bets Competitions allow for you to compete with listeners/followers Leverage your picks/profile for simpler content Make More Money Get a Custom Referral Code that helps you make money when your listeners bet! Listeners can tip you each time they Copy or Fade You! Grow with BettorEdge BettorEdge's PodQuest will automatically recommend partner podcasts to sports fans based on their betting history!
  • Is there a cost to add this to my community?
    Being a BettorEdge Podcast Partner is currently free for podcasts to join and claim their podcast Get in and check it out before others beat you to it!
  • How can I check it out BettorEdge further?
    Get $10 on BettorEdge to check it out and see how you can win more sports betting!
  • What does it mean to "Claim" a Podcast?
    Great Question! Claiming your podcast will put your podcast directly on your profile if the email matches the registered email on file. Your profile becomes one place for listeners to find your bets, competitions and most recent podcasts!
  • What is PodQuest?
    PodQuest is BettorEdge's podcast matching algorithm. As players bet, PodQuest automatically recommends and suggest podcasts to you based on your betting history allowing for everyone in the community to find new podcasts they're interested in! With a claimed podcast, you'll be sure to rank hire in BettorEdge's PodQuest algorithms!
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Doing Good While Having Fun!

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BE4Good supports many
great causes and charities, including:

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BettorEdge has been recognized across the Sports Betting & Startup Community, you're bound to love it too!

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SBC Rising Star of Year BettorEdge
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