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Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Fall is in the air. A smell associated with many things: the end of summer, changing of leaves, and for the sports bettor…Football.

Just as life starts slowing down and the weather turns cold, anticipation for the upcoming football season radiates throughout the country. Whether it's the Friday night lights of highschool, the pageantry of college, or the thrill of the NFL, football holds significance in the lives of many. For the sports bettor, the return of football means opportunity.

Though soccer remains king worldwide, accounting for 70% of all wagers, within the US nearly 50% of all bets are placed on football games. It’s no wonder that the sports betting and gaming industry is built around it. Whether you’re betting on games directly, setting a DFS lineup, or drafting a team in your friend’s fantasy league, we all have our hand in the metaphorical cookie jar.

A jar that has grown 9% in volume year over year as more and more people get their hand in the mix. As for the “cookies” themselves, that’s a different story.

Sportsbooks such as Draftkings, Fanduel, etc. have and will continue to dangle “Sunday Millions” and “no risk bets” in your face all season long to get your hand in the cookie jar. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Sportsbooks are companies providing entertainment value to us, the consumer.

The flaw with this logic, however, is that for many bettors this entertainment value stems from their desire to make money. Thus we have two sides, the sportsbook and the bettor. While the bettor puts time and energy into researching their picks, the sportsbook guarantees their profits with juiced odds (vig) because at the end of the day…It's their cookie jar.

While many bettors accept “it is what it is”, BettorEdge proposes a different system. A system where bettors compete directly and odds are based on the market’s supply and demand. This player vs. player structure removes the middleman fee being charged by sportsbooks and creates a fair playing field for all bettors.

A new way of sports betting where research and knowledge isn’t negated by juiced odds and a system that says goodbye to “the house always wins”.

DYOR, never bet anything you can’t afford to lose

Thanks for reading!

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