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Bet Types

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Quick Read

There’s many ways to bet on the same game...

Winner (moneyline)

  • Who will win?

Spread (+/-)

  • + spread” means a team can win outright or lose by less than the spread amount

  • - spread” means a team must win by more than the spread amount

Total (Over/Under)

  • How many points will be scored in a game?

  • Over” needs a combined score greater than the total line

  • Under” needs a combined score less than the total line

Below I’ll show an example of each bet type as well as discuss their unique advantages

  • DYOR, never bet anything you can’t afford to lose



Winner (Moneyline)

Cincinnati Reds Win @ +183

  • Reds must win the game outright

  • Odds show the Reds are an underdog to win this game

Philadelphia Phillies Win @ -204

  • Phillies must win the game outright

  • Odds show the Phillies are the favorite to win this game

Spread (+/-)

Cincinnati Reds +1.5 @ -119

  • Reds can win the game outright or lose by less than 1.5 runs

  • Reds are the moneyline underdog (+183) but spread favorite (-119)

  • + spread” helps the underdog

Philadelphia Phillies -1.5 @ +106

  • Phillies must win the game by more than 1.5 runs

  • Phillies are the moneyline favorite (-204) but spread underdog (+106)

  • - spread” handicaps the favorite

Total (Over/Under)

Over 7.5 @ -108

  • Combined runs (Reds + Phillies) must total 8 or more

Under 7.5 @ -101

  • Combined runs (Reds + Phillies) must total 7 or less



Each of these bet types appeal to certain people and are advantageous in their own way


  • The most basic form of betting (“I think this team will win!”)

  • If you’re confident with a winner but unsure of the path to victory

  • Causal and let’s you enjoy the game in its most natural form


  • Closes the gap between moneyline odds

  • Provides additional security for an underdog bet (smaller payout) and additional risk for a favorite bet (larger payout)

  • More advance bet that will have you focused on the score rather than just a winner


  • Betting how “action packed” a game will be

  • If you have a feeling that it’s going to be a high/low scoring game but less certain of an outcome

  • Provides a different viewing experience for bettors, rooting for offense or defense rather than a specific team

Thanks for reading!

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