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What is a Reverse Line Movement in Sports Betting?

A reverse line movement is talked about a lot in sports betting and it’s where a line moves in the opposite direction of the majority of the bets placed on the game. It’s frequently talked about among bettors because  it shows where sharp bettors or even SportsBooks have a stake or side in the outcome of the particular game.

For example, if a team is heavily favored to win a game, the natural expectation is the sports betting line to move in favor of the betting action in order to balance the action and lessen the risk of the sportsbook. However, if heavy action from the public bettors is one side of the game.

As people ask: Why Does it Happen? Those share sports bettors believe to have information about the game that is contrary to the public sentiment. Therefore, sharps or professional sports bettors leverage sophisticated models to determine where lines are mis-priced in a betting market. As they deploy capital into those markets, SportsBooks can decide on which accounts they should move the line with, the public or the sharp bettor. 

Therefore, the sportsbook takes a position alongside some of their smartest bettors in sports betting to gain an edge or value where others may not see it. The collective process showcases the value and complexity behind the world of sports betting where the house looks to make money in sports betting!

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