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What is the Moneyline?

The moneyline is a sports bet where you select the winner of a game. It is the simplest and most popular way to bet on sports. There is no point spread and no over/under. If you are a bettor with Team A to win, you have the Team A Moneyline.

An example of a moneyline bet: The Minnesota Vikings are favored in their home matchup against the Detroit Lions. If you think the Vikings will win, you could bet the Vikings (-300) to win, risking $3 to win $1. Someone that wants the Lions (+300) would risk $1 to win $3. (Find out more about how American Odds work)

The odds for a moneyline bet have the potential to vary more than a spread or over/under, as a heavy favorite will payout at a much lower rate than an underdog.

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