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What is the Over Under?

The Over Under (or Total) is a sports bet based on the total points scored in a game. If you create a betting position that Team A & B will combine for more than 45 points, you have the position for Over 45 (or O45).

Totals betting has increased in popularity in recent years. Unlike a moneyline bet, a Totals bet is not affected by the winner of the event. Similar to spread betting, a Totals bet can result in a push if the Total is exactly the same as the bet amount (O55, Total of 55 results in a push).

Example of a Totals bet: The Over Under for the Vikings vs Lions game has been set at 54.5 points. The Over 54.5 position would win if the teams combine for at least 55 points. The Under 54.5 position would win if the teams combine for less than 55 points.

What does it mean to "hit an over"?

"Hitting the over" occurs when the total is surpassed. In the Vikings/Lions O54.5 example, the teams would hit the over if they combine for at least 55 points.

How are Totals determined?

Totals are set based on a variety of factors that determine how many points the teams will likely score including:

  • Team Quality (both offensive and defensive)

  • Pace of play

  • Weather (where applicable)

  • Playoff picture (teams fighting for playoff spots, out of contention, already clinched, etc)

In a typical sportsbook situation, the Total may move if a high volume of bets take place on one side of the bet. In the Vikings/Lions example above, if a sportsbook receives a high number of bets on Over 54.5, they will likely move the line higher in order to minimize their risk if the point total hits 55. BettorEdge bettors can set their own total lines and prices to create the best potential outcomes for themselves and other bettors in the community.

Other types of Over Under bets

There are a variety of Totals bets out there, in addition to the traditional total of both teams' points.

Player Markets - BettorEdge bettors can create a wide variety of player market positions where a total is set for a specific statistic (Number of TDs caught, Number of Strikeouts Thrown, Number of Yard Passing, etc). If a player exceeds the total listed, the Over position wins,

Win Totals - Win totals are a type of Futures bet where bettors can determine whether they think a team will win more or less than a certain amount. If a bettor selects Lions Under 3.5 wins and they win 3, the Under position wins.

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