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What the 🤬 are Auction Squares? FAQ Friday

In addition to our no-fee sports betting marketplace, the BettorEdge webapp is host to a number of different competition formats. We have covered PickEm competitions in a previous FAQ Friday, but this week the return of football has us thinking about Auction Squares.

If you've ever played Super Bowl Squares, the concept will be familiar to you. A grid of 100 squares is available, with each square representing the ones digit for the score of each team. For example, if the Cowboys are playing the Giants a square of (1,7) will be paid out at the end of the quarter if the Cowboys' score ends in a 1 (11, 21, 31, etc) and the Giants' score ends in a 7 (7, 17, 27, etc). In a traditional squares game, your squares are distributed at random so there's a chance that you'll end up with a low probability square. We created Auction Squares to throw a little more strategy into this watch party classic, instead of receiving a square at random players get to bid on the squares they want. This allows users to have more control over their picks and see in real time the interest that others have in the available squares. In addition, players are able to sell their owned squares once the game starts. If you own 7,7 and want to list it to turn a quick profit while offloading the risk, if there is another player that wants to buy it at your listed price you can sell it right on the competition screen!

How often are payouts?

Currently, payouts are divided evenly between 4 payouts during the game (Q1, Q2, Q3 and Final). If the bids equal $160, there will be 4 $40 payouts during the game. We currently do not offer custom payout allocations (ex: 10% for Q1 & Q3, 20% for Q2 and 50% for Final) but may look to include those in the future if this is a feature that users would prefer.

Can I win more than once in a game?

Yes! If your square (or squares) hit multiple times in a game you can win multiple times. We have had a user sweep an entire game, thanks to 2 squares hitting multiple times throughout the game.

How many squares can I bid on/own?

You can purchase up to 49 squares per game, but you may receive additional squares if they are unowned.

Why did I receive random extra squares?

If there are squares that are not owned by the start of the event, unowned squares will be divided between players that own squares based on the ownership percentage of the squares. If you own 20 of the 40 purchased squares, you will receive 50% of the remaining squares at random once the game starts.

Can I buy squares after a game starts?

Once a game has started, you can offer to buy a square for an amount higher than its purchase price, but the owner of the square has the chance to accept or decline your offer.

Why would I want to sell a square?

If you sell a square, you have the potential to turn a profit while removing your risk. If you own square 7,7 and the score is currently 14-7 with the leading team coming close to field goal range at the end of a quarter, you can list your square or accept an offer to turn a profit without risking that the score will hit. We have seen players make some nice profits without their score hitting by selling squares.

Can I create my own squares competition?

Currently, we do not offer community-create squares competitions but reach out to us at Chat with Support in our webapp or by emailing if you are interested in a custom squares competition.

What is the best square to buy?

Any square that wins is the best square to buy. But actually, if you take a look at historic scores there are a few squares to avoid. We will let you figure those out for yourself!


If you have more questions about Auction Squares or any other feature on BettorEdge, check out our Help Center or reach out to us on social media!

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