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What the 🤬 are Referral Rewards? FAQ Friday

We cannot thank the BettorEdge community enough for sharing the premier betting marketplace with friends, family and anyone else that will listen to them. As a thank you, we introduced our Referal Rewards program as a small thank you for your help bringing more bettors into the best betting community around. The process is simple: when someone signs up with your referral code, they receive money to use in our marketplace when they verify their account. You (the referrer) receives that same amount back when the user you referred makes a deposit. Currently, anyone that signs up with a Referral Rewards code will receive up to $500 as a bonus when they sign up. Users that sign up with promo codes from our partners automatically receive $20 when they verify their account.

How do I find my Referral code?

To find and share your Referral Code, tap your profile picture in the top right of the app and then tap "Refer & Earn". On the Refer & Earn page you will find your code, share options and a QR code for new users to scan to sign up with your code.

How does someone use my code when they sign up?

When someone follows the link from your Refer & Earn page, your link will automagically be included when they sign up. To double check, when they begin the signup process they will see a "Have a referral code?" green prompt that they can open to see what code was entered. If there is no code there, make sure they input your referral code to receive the bonus!

How do I track my Referrals?

When someone signs up for BettorEdge using your Referral code, you will find their username on you Refer & Earn screen on either the Unverified, Pending Deposit or Converted tabs below your code. These sections show you where in the signup/verify process your referrals are.

Unverified - A user who has signed up with your code but not verified their account. They will not be able to use Real Money mode, nor will they have seen the Referral Reward enter their account.

Pending Deposit - A user who has verified their account, they will have received the Referral Reward and they simply need to deposit for you to receive the reward in return.

Converted - A user who has verified their account and made a qualifiying deposit. You will have seen their Referral Reward total enter your balance. They have finished the referral process.

How much can someone earn from Referral Rewards?

Currently, our Referral Rewards system offers up to $500 bonuses at verification per signup. When a user signs up with your code and verifies their account, they will receive an amount up to $500 as a reward. When they make a deposit, you (the referrer) will see the same reward amount appear in your account as well. There is currently no cap on the total amount you can bring in with the Referral Rewards program, though we do have checks to ensure that the program is not being abused.

We may adjust the Referral Rewards system for special promotions and events throughout the year, so keep an eye on your email for these special events.

We have seen a number of users earn hundreds on Referral Rewards by sharing their code across various betting communities, events and friend groups!

I signed up with a code and haven't received my Referral Reward?

If you have not received your Referral Reward after signing up with a promo code, please check to make sure that you have finished verifying your account. Once you have verified your account you will see a Notification in the webapp to claim the reward. Tap your wallet balance or Edit Profile to check your verification. If you have verified your identity and still have not received your reward, please reach ou to us at or at Chat with Support in the BettorEdge webapp.

Do Referral Rewards expire?

Yes, you have 60 days to claim your reward so please be sure to verify your account as quickly as possible.

Can I create a custom Referral Rewards code?

If you would like a custom Referral Rewards code (rather than the random numbers assigned) please reach out to us at or at Chat with Support in the BettorEdge webapp.


If you have more questions about Referral Rewards or any other feature on BettorEdge, check out our Help Center or reach out to us on social media!

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