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What the 🤬 are all these Competition Payout types? FAQ Friday

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

In addition to offering the premier social betting marketplace, the BettorEdge webapp offers additional ways to challenge friends and win a little extra $$$: competitions. Available on the Competitions tab, you can find a variety of competition types and payouts available across most sports offered in our platform. Competitions are a different form of social betting that allow you to showcase your skills with and against other bettors in the best community in sports betting. We covered competition types in a previous FAQ Friday, but this time we are checking out Competition Payouts.

What types of Competition Payouts are available?

We currently offer 4 types of payouts for competitions:

Battle Royale – Winner takes all, individual in first place gets paid out.

Double Up – Finish in the top 50% of the leaderboard, you double your money.

Outpace – One player is the "pacer", players that pick better than the pacer get paid. If the pacer finishes in first they win it all.

Podium – Top 3 finishers get paid. 1st receives 50%, 2nd receives 30% and 3rd receives 20% of the total payout.

How do I know which Payout Type to pick?

This isn't easy to answer as it depends on how you want to structure the competition! Battle Royale competitions are the most popular payout type currently, as they are the most straight forward. Outpace competitions are great for content creators (you may have seen a number of our partners host Outpace comps!) and for that person in your group chat that's convinced they can beat anyone that's looking to play. Double Up payouts are a great way to ensure more people get paid out, but the prizes are smaller than Podium or Battle Royale. Podium payouts are the most recent addition, and these are great to offer payouts for more players, while keeping payouts higher than Double Up.

How do I choose the Payout Type?

When creating a competition, the Payout Type is selected on the first screen after choosing between a PickEm or Wager competition. There are descriptions of each payout type to help you choose the correct one for your competition!

How do I select a Pacer?

If you are creating an Outpace Competition, once you select Outpace as your Payout type a search bar will appear allowing you to add the username of the Pacer. Enter the Pacer's BettorEdge username there and finish creating the competition! The Pacer is labelled on the Leaderboard with a small car icon near their profile image.

What if there is a tie?

In the event of a tie (except for Outpace), the payout for that place will be split among those that finished in the same some spot on the leaderboard. So if two users tie for first in a Battle Royale with a $100 payout, each player will receive a $50 payout. A tie may result in the payout for Double Up competitions being less than twice the entry ticket, if the payout must be split by more than half of the players in the field.

In an Outpace competition, if Player A ties the Pacer for 1st place the Pacer is the only one that will receive a payout as they were not beat by Player A. If Players B & C finish 1st ahead of Player A and the Pacer in 2nd, Players B & C split the payout.

How do Payouts work for Free Competitions?

Payouts are structured exactly the same in Free Competitions as they are in real money competitions, except instead of the entry ticket and payout using real money, they use Edge Coins. Edge Coins have no value and are simply used for bragging rights and to practice.

How is a Push graded?

If a pick ends in a push (a draw on a soccer winner market, or 3 point win on -3 Spread market in basketball), you will see a Push added on the leaderboard (W-L-P, 5-4-1 would be 5 correct, 4 incorrect and 1 push) for a PickEm Competition. A player that finishes 5-5 will tie with a player that finishes 5-4-1 and will beat a player that finishes 4-5-1 (as PickEm competitions are graded on the number of correct picks).

In a Wager Competition, the credits wagered on a pick that ends in a draw will be returned to the player's balance.

Are you going to add more Payout types?

We are always looking to add more options for payouts and competition types, if you have any ideas for additional payouts reach out to us on social media or at Chat with Support in app!


If you have more questions about Progressive Webapps or any other feature on BettorEdge, check out our Help Center or reach out to us on social media!

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