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Why the 🤬 didn't my betting order fulfill? FAQ Friday

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

The BettorEdge social betting marketplace functions a little differently than other places where you may have placed bets before. We do not take any money or bets on the platform (like a traditional sportsbook), instead we connect you with other users that are looking to bet the opposite side of the bet. This allows us to offer no vig on your bets, creating opportunities for better prices for everyone in the community.

A bet goes unfulfilled on the platform when there is no one to take the bet on the other side. So if you create an order for $10 on Team A to win at +100, other BettorEdge member(s) would need to create an order for $10 on Team B to win at -100. Essentially, you and the other bettor(s) are putting your money on the table and the winner walks away with it at the end of the game; our platform keeps your money safe, tracks the orders and helps you find folks to bet against!

How do I know if my bet is fulfilled?

When you create a sports betting order and hit Submit, a screen will pop up with details about your position. At the top of this screen it will either read "Order Fulfilled" or "Awaiting Fulfillment". Order Fulfilled means some or all of your bet has been matched by a user on the other side, how much will be shown with a progress bar. Any amount of your order that is Awaiting Fulfillment can be viewed in your Dashboard tab where it can be cancelled or adjusted to have a better chance at fulfillment!

Additionally, if you have notifications enabled for Order Activity you will receive a push notification, text and/or email when your order is fulfilled. To check your notifications settings, tap your Profile Picture -> Edit Profile -> Preferences to select where and when you would like to receive notifications!

How can I make sure my bet is fulfilled?

We cannot guarantee that a bet will be fulfilled but there are steps you can take to better your chances:

  • Create good prices - One of the main reasons orders go unfulfilled is that prices are created that are not great for the other side. If Team A is favored to win at -200, you're unlikely to have an order for Team A to win at +150 go fulfilled. Keep an eye on current market prices as well as the External Price Comparison tool for each event to see where prices are currently at for that event, and create your price accordingly!

  • Create timely positions - We have seen that activity is at its highest a few hours before the start of a game, but if you're creating an order for a new price within minutes of the start time, your order may go unfulfilled. If you create an order 3 days before an event starts, you may not see it get fulfilled until closer to game time.

  • Check the Order Book - When you visit the events page for a game, as you scroll down you will see the Order Book showing any available positions for that game. These are positions that are available at that moment to be picked up (meaning someone is waiting to be fulfilled on the other side of the bet). The Best Available Prices section just above the Order Book will show you the best price currently available as well!

Only part of my order was fulfilled?

If you place an order for $10 on Team A to win and only $8 is fulfilled, you still have $2 out in the marketplace waiting to get picked up by another user. You can wait to see if another bettor picks it up or you can visit your Dashboard and tap "Help me get this fulfilled". This tool will offer you an adjusted price to something that may be available right now or adjust the price to be closer to other available prices.

I want an order fulfilled right now.

That's not really a question but these tools will give you the best shot of finding open orders quickly:

  • Order Book - As mentioned above, this shows you all of the available orders for your bet type for a single game. Check the Order Book or Best Available Price on the events tab to see what's available right now.

  • Bet Match - This tool at the top of the Markets page allows you to create custom filters for open orders. Filter orders by league, player market, bet type and more. Any available order matching your criteria will be visible here.

  • Suggested Markets - Right at the top of the Markets page you will find a variety of open orders to choose from. Tap your preferred market and an order screen will pop up.

Will a Limit or Market Order be more likely to be fulfilled?

Market Orders are a tad more flexible than a Limit Order (find out more about types of orders at our Help Center) so they tend to fill faster than a Limit Order. Limit Orders will only match with the value you have set (+100 will only fulfill with +100) but a Market Order will adjust your price to match with prices within your collar percentage. For most games on the platform, fair priced orders within a couple of hours of the game start time will have a good chance of being fulfilled. Without the vig, bettors on both sides have the chance to find value with every price they set.


If you have more questions about Fulfilled Orders or any other feature on BettorEdge, check out our Help Center or reach out to us on social media!

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