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What the 🤬 are Edge Coins? FAQ Friday

When you open the BettorEdge webapp on your phone or browser, right at the top below your real money balance you will see a currency labelled E. This currency is our practice currency called Edge Coins.

What are Edge Coins for?

Edge Coins are used to practice creating orders in the BettorEdge social betting marketplace, challenge friends in head to head bets for bragging rights only or to enter FREE competitions. As you know, our platform functions a little differently than a traditional sportsbook. Instead of betting against a sportsbook, our platform connects you with other bettors when you create betting positions. Edge Coin mode allows you to practice creating these orders without real money on the line.

Do Edge Coins have value?

No. Edge Coins have zero monetary value. Edge Coin mode is simply a free mode compared to Real Money mode (you can toggle between by tapping the switch next to your balance). If the bar at the top of your screen is light blue/green you're in Edge Coin mode. Hit the button and the bar will flip to royal blue and you'll be in Real Money mode (if you have verified your account).

Why would I use Edge Coins?

- Practice how to create and manage orders in the BettorEdge marketplace.

- Challenge a friend or follower to a head to head bet without risking real money, simply for bragging rights.

- Enter FREE competitions created by BettorEdge, our partners, other community members.

Why am I stuck in Edge Coin mode?

If you have not verified your account you will not be able to access real money mode. Tap the "Verify Now" banner at the top of the screen or tap your balance to start the process of verifying your account.

If you are verified and still can't access real money, make sure that your Location is turned on (Apple location settings / Android location settings).

If you are still stuck in Edge Coin mode reach out at or at the Chat with Support function in app and we will work to help you out!

What if I run out of Edge Coins?

If you run out of Edge Coins, reach out to as Chat with Support and we will add more so you can continue to use the free side of the platform. You cannot buy Edge Coins as they have no value.

Is Edge Coin a cryptocurrency?



If you have more questions about Edge Coins or any other feature on BettorEdge, check out our Help Center or reach out to us on social media!

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